The Master’s Voice, Selected Poetry of Dr Jernail Singh Anand, along with their critical appreciation by Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil and Transformations, a work of philosophical articles by Dr. Jernail S. Anand were globally released on 20th June, 2026, at a function organized by the International Academy of Ethics and World Literature India. Dr. Jernail S. Anand, welcomed the guests, and expressed his admiration for Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil for compiling 200 plus of his poems with their critical appreciation in the book ‘The Master’s Voice’. ‘Transformations’, Dr. Anand said, was a work of philosophy whose Foreword was written by Dr. Prasenjit Biswas, Professor of Philosophy, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, who presided over the function. The Guests included Dr. Basudeb Chakraborti, Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic, Dr. Kalpana Purohit, Dr Laksmisree Banerjee, Sh. Arindam Roy, Dr Bina Singh, Dr. Lalit Mlhan Sharma, Dr. Swaraj Raj, Mr. Rawle Iam James, Sh. Vinod Khanna.

In his seminal address, on the topic ‘Philosophical Concerns of Dr. Jernail Singh Anand’, Prof. Biswas maintained that Dr. Anand’s philosophy believes in an ethical understanding of the world phenomenon, and draws from the Sikh tradition of ‘Kirat Karo, Vand Chhako and Naam Japo’. From self-surrender to the Creator, Prof. Anand wants an ethical realization which leads to the feeling that the world is a commonwealth of shared joy, and those who have more, must share it with the less privileged. He believes in practical ethics which alone can bring about a positive change in society, which is the prime concern of the author of Transformations. He said that Dr. Anand’s philosophy grapples with the Ethical Hollow which has come to characterise our modern world, and only a sense of righteousness, rather a philosophy of right conduct can deliver mankind from this ethical hollow.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Basudeb Chakraborti, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, and a senior academician from Kolkata-US, pointed out that Dr. Anand blends philosophy and a high poetic sensibility, and his work Lustus is a supreme example of his poetic genius. Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic, in her welcome note, reasserted her feelings that Dr. Anand is the greatest philosopher among poets, and greatest poet among philosophers, and hoped that “what I have said, the world will realize tomorrow”. Dr. Kalpana Purohit, Prof & Head and Dean from Jai Narain University, Jodhpur, dwelt on the vast canvas of Dr. Anand’s work, punctuated with high philosophy, and concern for rise of a social consciousness for the betterment of world society. Dr. Laksmisree Banerjee, a Fulbright scholar and former VC, Kalhan Univ, Jharkhand, remarked that Dr. Anand’s work is the work of a Poet Philosopher, who is concerned with good and evil and he blends poetry and philosophy with remarkable ease. Dr. Swaraj Raj, Professor Emeritus from SGGS World University, Fatehgarh Sahib, remarked that Dr. Anand’s work confronts the binaries of good and evil, and he wants to transcend these boundaries, looking for a better space for mankind. Rawle Iam James, President of Inspired Poetry Corner, and a Fellow of IAE, remarked that Dr. Anand’s poetry holds a mirror to the readers, to which they may agree or not, and his concerns are cosmic and dealing with the ideas of right and wrong. Sh. Vinod Khanna, President, Readers and Writers Society of Chandigarh, felt that the ethical hollow is too big, and all ethical considerations fail when we apply them to the way the practical life is being lived. Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil, in his brief address as author, thanked Dr. Anand for his non-stop poetry and it was a pleasure for him to attempt a critical appreciation of his works.

Sh. Raj Babu Gandham, Sh. Kallol Choudhary and Sh. Tariq Muhammad also expressed their views.

Summing up the whole programme, and proposing the vote of thanks, Dr. Molly Joseph, Chief Coordinator, congratulated Dr. Anand and Prof. Cijo Joseph Chennelil for the unique creation, The Master’s Voice, and expressed the hope that IAE will make its presence felt in the times to come, with the quality work that is being undertaken by it under the leadership of Dr. Jernail S. Anand. The world premier was curated with elan by Dr. Shalini Yadav while the host was Prof Randhir Gautam, ITM University, Gwalior.

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